Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

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Lancer Evolution from Mitsubishi, this car is simply amazing.

For more than 4 years, I have been driving this Lancer Evolution every day.Easy in the morning when going to work and driving it like I would have stole it when getting back home 😉 Cost a fortune in gas but who cares? Added suspension, exhaust, cold air.

The car is driving like a rocket. The wheel and turn radius on this car is insane. Then when it’s time to go on the track, this is where you know that Super AWC 4 wheel drive system work. You are completely glued to the road. What is also funny, is @ the track, you see some Porsche Cayman S, or Carrera 4s  ..   or BMW m3, even m4  and then, you might think that those cars will get in front of you, or pass you right? Most of the time, the Evo x is in front of those cars. The main reason is that the Mitsubishi Evo can be driven to the limit, without any fear of leaving the track. Glued to the track

Their underestimated marvelously built to destroy the track is their super all-wheel drive. (S-AWC) they call it.

The other best thing about this car is the Recaro Seat.  Even do the HP wasn’t that much .291 HP 300 Torque, the way it is delivered makes it like if you are in a jet acceleration. Be ready to get in the 40k for a brand new one The GSR version. MR would have been 54 0000 CAD back in the days.   I would say that these cars keep their value on the used market, even more since the model is discontinued. 

What is it to live on a day to day basis. Well, I’ll admit it, it is pretty hard on the suspension, hard on the clutch but so rewarding.  You always feel that you’re driving a race car. There is no way you will keep it quiet to point b. It is so tempting so you drive it like you stole it every time.   If you’re looking to purchase, go ahead, do it, you’ll thank me!

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