1. tyler you wont be able 2 smoke it
    the viper one thing but i dont think it has stock parts

  2. LOOK like street racers have to up the game a little bit. The only thing that i know of for sure the beat one of those vipers is a very light weight civic hatch back with a engine swap. Which engine though I wont say. do the math its comon sense really. super light weigth civic with what engine and heavy mods equals one burnt pork viper.

  3. I’d speed just to make that thing chase me. Then lose it by going around corners and accelerating quickly

  4. it sure wouldn’t be good if you are getting chased by that cop good luck gettin away

  5. Is there any room in there for his shot gun? Who cares driving around in a viper hell you can just drive away from the shooter

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