Why Audi s3 is good for you

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Trenchracing Audi s3 review: Do you know any other car  that can compete with a audi s3 and  the package it offers? 

Ok, so we acquire this Audi s3 in july 2015. Was the replacement of our daily Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2015. One thing to note guys is that this 4 cylinder from Volkswagen, is something that you can’t compare with anything else.  Torque is smooth, and always there.  From 1500 to 5000, you are  welcome with a constant linearly surge of nice 280 (lbf⋅ft) 

What else would you get as a sports car right now than an Audi S3. It is surely one of the best in his class. When it comes to power,  pricing, and fun to drive. It does manage a family of four with not much luggage but it does.  It’s the perfect daily for commuting you and you can get that nice fuel average. You have the choice to put everything in sports mode and the car will transform itself into the nice sports car.

Go for  the electromagnetic Mag ride for the suspension. Also upgrade the trim to the technics so you got the 15 speakers and from there, I think you’re good to go.

One thing awesome about this car is should we dig DSG transmission which basically it’s lightning fast and I just sport at the car?

Here is mow pics

Here is why we think no other car can compete with this current package as we speak.: 





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