Supercharged R8 V10 Beware! | TEST DRIVE

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Look at this Audi R8 Supercharged. Fast, sound like it’s going to hell. 🙂
be even crazier? Well, this particular R8 is not just any regular car because thanks to the team at MTM it now comes with 802 horsepower after the installation of a supercharger! Let’s explore how that power delivery feels with a few opportunities to stretch the legs on the Autobahn, and believe me when I tell you that this car is fast!

With some small modifications to the exterior and parts that have been added for downforce, the biggest conversion by MTM is that supercharger bolted into the top of the 5.2 litre V10. Giving a driving sensation of fantastic speed but with linear power delivery, there’s no sense of a shove in the back but the rate at which the speedo increases leaves one rather impressed. On the interior the car is fitted with a snug bucket seat, probably needed with the way this car can be driven!

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